Certificate Program



I. Eligibility

All students enrolled in Ph.D. and M.A. programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Science are eligible. Students funded through the MacCracken program pay no additional tuition or fees.

II. Requirements

Students enrolled in a Ph.D. or an M.A. program at New York University should complete the application and return it to the Program in Poetics and Theory (poeticsandtheory@nyu.edu).

Students not already enrolled at NYU may apply to the advanced certificate program through the Graduate School of Arts and Science (select “online application”).

A total of 20 points of coursework is required (a maximum of 8 points may be shared with the points required for the M.A. or Ph.D.): Proseminar in Poetics and the Origins of Literary Theory (POET-GA 2001), Poetics and Theory Seminar (POET-GA 2002), and three additional courses, of which one must cover either philosophy or rhetoric or be a theory survey, and two must be listed outside the student’s home department. (Courses cross-listed with the home department are acceptable; however, in such cases students should be sure to register for the course under the number associated with the department in which the course originates).

In addition to the five courses, students seeking the advanced certificate must present a paper at at least one workshop or conference held by the Program in Poetics and Theory. The paper may be a chapter of the student’s dissertation.

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